Strategist, Trainer, Coach and Speaker

John has been a speaker, trainer, facilitator, coach and strategist for over 30 years. He founded Intersections Consulting to be a trusted resource for any organization, company or individual to improve their productivity and strategic planning.

Intersections Consulting engages everyone within your organization and looks for opportunities to encourage participation from all voices. This approach, combined with guided, strategic discussions and actionable plans helps make companies, individuals and missions shine.

He is a ToP certified facilitator and is sought after when groups are looking to customize their growth and development to best position their organization and people for the future.

More than that, John and his team get to the intersection of where you are and where you need to be. Doing so, helps moves your leaders, team and mission forward.


Intersections Consulting Provides:


Facilitation helps groups have the conversations they need to have to foster progress and development. John’s unique style goes beyond merely consulting. He nourishes conversation, motivates action and above all, builds trust among groups, engaging them to work together. His energy and authentic curiosity are often highlighted by his clients. 

Team Motivation & Team Building

We provide learning opportunities, skill-building and leadership development to strengthen your team. There will be humor, personal commitment and ultimately, a greater awareness of the individuals who work on your team. These are customized sessions to meet your specific goals.

Strategic Plan Development

Our strategic planning approach is research-based, engaging and collaborative, leading teams to implementation commitment. The work we do will not be put on a shelf. We love working with groups who say they hate strategic planning. Often times, you have not experienced a truly customized process for your organization.  


John uses a team of coaches to tailor services for individuals or organizations. Most leaders are selected because they are good at their job, but many have never really been taught HOW to be a leader. Coaching provides a mirror to behavior, reflection on interactions and personal growth development to become the leader you aspire to be.

These services can be offered both in-person and virtually, using advanced platforms to best engage all.