The Need for Leadership Development

The greatest of leaders always cite an influence, mentor or coach who made an impact along the way. Leadership training and leadership development from Intersections Consulting is simply this: Enlisting the experience and wisdom of others to help grow your own leadership capabilities and the leadership of your team.

Doing so adds great value to your career, life and organization. Leadership development can:

  • Improve your confidence in speaking with coworkers and clients
  • Help you better manage conflict, growth and change
  • Demonstrate your investment in personal and professional growth
  • And improve the productivity and efficiency of your workload and daily interactions

Leadership training and leadership development should never be seen as a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of proactivity and progressive thinking.

If you are an aspiring employee looking to add to your expertise, you can become a better manager, coworker or leader.

If you are an employer, you can better build your team, increase productivity and position your company as a workplace of choice and personal development in a competitive hiring environment.

5 tips on How to "Ask your Boss" for leadership Training:

  1. I value the goals of this company and want to be the best asset I can be.
  2. I’ve noticed “this thing” and want to put a plan in place to best address it.
  3. I will be a stronger, more loyal company advocate and spokesperson for having gone through this process.
  4. Your investment in me will be repaid several-fold in what I can pass along to our team, operations and efficiency.
  5. My improved skill set will allow me to take on additional responsibilities and be an even more valued team member.

Leadership development and training is not a fix. It’s a demonstration of your commitment to focus on what matters most now and best develop your marketability, mission and meaning moving ahead.

Case Study:

Erin Hayes – General Manager, Kingbrook Rural Water System

We hired John to work and develop our management team. It has created a huge impact on our managers and how they navigate their teams.  John was instrumental in helping our organization communicate better with one another and to see the broader and “big picture.”