Strategic Planning

Strategy and strategic planning are words that get thrown around a lot. John and Intersections Consulting take a highly focused and accountable approach to strategic planning.

  • Your organization is here.
  • You aspire to stay true, but also evolve.
  • How do we best achieve that?
  • How do we best use your current resources?
  • How do we best use vision and leadership to meet new goals?
  • What milestones and accountabilities must we put in place?

John and the Intersections Consulting team are highly skilled in developing the best-customized programs to move you ahead as a company, leader or aspiring leader.

Inspiration & Accountability

Inspiring individual strengths is key. You must empower people to act with the support of an organization where mission and goals are aligned.

That is the strategic Intersection of intention and action. Many strategic planning efforts fail or dissolve over time because of a lack of accountability. John and his team put milestones in place and assign accountability, follow-up, performance measurement and more.

While we have a variety of programs to help you, we’d rather have an initial conversation with you to help best customize your program.

Case Study:

Brenda Tidball – Zeltinger, Department of Social Services

We initially engaged John to help facilitate our ‘New Employee Day’ which brings together any employees hired in the last year at DSS.

John facilitated those meetings and helped us gather information to begin work on the next iteration of our agency strategic plan. From there, we enlisted John to help us develop our plan.

We successfully developed our agency strategic plan and met our goal of identifying our year one milestones and achievements. John and his team helped us organize our work and assisted us in a well-thought-out plan that will guide our agency for the next several years.

Case Study:

Karen Richardson, Executive Director, National Association of Women Lawyers

Our organization employed John for strategic planning assistance. John has since guided NAWL through strategic planning several times throughout the years. He has helped us define the organization and our priorities, and specifically, helped identify 3-5 years goals.

As a third-party, John has helped us see our organization, our priorities, and our challenges from another perspective.